The Point

On the 10th October 2020, Elliot and Ellie committed to hand-drawing the entire Pokedex by the end of the year.

How many Pokemon are currently in the Pokedex, you ask? 893.

How many days are there between October 10th and December 31st? Significantly less.

The Rules

Generate a random Pokemon
– Draw it in 30 seconds
– Don’t know that Pokemon? Draw what it SHOULD look like.
– No takebacks.

The Feed

Every day, on Instagram and Twitter, @30SecsPokedex will post several of our 30 second Pokemon-from-memory drawings.

You then have 2 hours to guess which Pokemon it is we have drawn.

You can also submit your own! You’d be amazed at the… variations…. in quality of #30SecsPokedex drawings.